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The Sexual Orientation
Discrimination Legislation Front

News Reports about Actions
conducted by Rainbow Action

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An action unveiling the Hong Kong Government Commissioning Cure Therapy Training for Social Workers, 17th June, 2011. (in Chinese)

The International Christian School Hong Kong Discriminates against Sexual Minority Employees





Rainbow Action was founded on 10th December, 2000 (Human Rights Day) and is a registered organization in Hong Kong. Rainbow Action is one of the most active local activist groups fighting for human rights for sexual minorities in Hong Kong.

We specialize in non-violent direct actions and public speeches voicing out human rights violations and discrimination cases in Hong Kong. Our actions often receive worldwide news media coverage. Issues we are concerned with include freedom of expression, unjust government ordinances and practices, discriminating policies, police harassment, quality of life issues amongst grass roots sexual minority communities etc.

Mission Statement:
1. To point out social inequalities and advocate for equal rights and opportunities.

2. To actively confront institutionalized ideology imposed on minorities. To broaden the societal and cultural landscape to include multiplicity and diversity.

3. To remind the general public about the existence of minorities. To construct channels for the freedom of expression by marginalized groups.

Contact Details:
Homepage: www.rainbowactionhk.org
E-mail: rainbowactionhk@gmail.com
Fax: +852-2769-1010
Telephone: +852-9791-4641
Contact person: Tommy Chen


On 18th February 2013 at around 6:14 am in Cheung Kwan O, Hong Kong, a 28 year old lesbian nicknamed Sausau, jumped to her death from her 11th floor home. Her last text message sent to her brother was “Very unhappy being discriminated against”. Before she passed away, she communicated experiencing discrimination at work and school.